unconventional theatre

netzzeit is a workshop for developing contemporary music theatre in its broadest sense. Collaborating with both Austrian art initiatives and those outside of Austria, it sets up interdisciplinary projects intersecting the arts, science and politics. The name netzzeit (meaning net time) was chosen to express a fascination with people who use the internet to its fullest potential in order to realise their interdisciplinary projects. Headed up by artistic directors Nora and Michael Scheidl, netzzeit is a non-profit organisation. It has been sponsored by the city of Vienna's cultural department for the last 28 years to produce theatre which is either not possible within the conventional theatre set-up or is not being produced for other reasons. Since 2000 netzzeit has been increasingly successful in developing its projects in collaboration with Austrian as well as international partners. In 2004 and 2005 netzzeit bundled all their activities in Vienna into a festival for new music theatre entitled Out of Control, which has been held bi-annually since 2005.

Nora Scheidl

If you have got talent for whatever reason. You will, with this talent, design the world. I do this by drawing, writing, building spaces, getting ideas for developments.


Vienna is my homeland. Born, grown up, life.
I learned the language of this city – and I love it.

There is a citation saying that one half of Austrian inhabitants are actors, and one half are waiters.

Which soil could be more fertile for theatre?

What still exists here – and hopefully will keep on existing for a very long time – is a space for the useless, for relucting, for overwhelming feelings and for “Punch-ness”.

People from outside sometimes ask, why in Vienna nothing works in a direct way.

Sometimes even as a Viennese you can despair on everlasting hesitations, intransparent and obscure procedures everlasting stillness, but finally Vienna makes many things possible and is very curageous and ambitious with its long history, that the city is very aware of.

There is still a lot to do in this city and we have this dance with the Viennese-feeling in our rucksack through the universe.

Nora Scheidl

Wie es anfing

Michael discovered a theatre play named „Selbstverständlich San Franzisko“.
We walk over a meadow, develop phantasies, how to give life to this piece on stage. The meadow was in Germany, and we just made our first steps within German theatre. Two years later, having returned to Vienna, we excitedly entered the Office for Cultural Affairs in Vienna to submit our first application for financial support. “Yes, we would like you to produce “Selbstverständlich San Franzisko” and we will support the project”.
We were overwhelmed.

Later we had many conversations and discussions with the author. She is a shy deer with big eyes, shortly before we started rehearsing, she committed suicide, when I received this sad message, a backing stray fell of my hands.

We had our premiere in April 1985; with our first netzzeit production – that was the beginning.


Artistic director of netzzeit, Stage- and Costume – Designer.

* Vienna, 1960. General qualification for university entrance 1977


1979 -1987 education at “Universität für angewandte Kunst” led by Erich Wonder and Axel Manthey. During the study two semesters guest-auditor at Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf, led by Karl Kneidl. 1987 Diplom for stage- and filmdesign “summa cum laude”.

Since 1983 free-lance stage- and costume-designer, working at Volksoper, Ensembletheater, Volkstheater, Jugendstiltheater, Schauspielhaus, Schönbrunner Schlosstheater, Kammeroper, Odeon, Theater in der Josefstadt in Vienna, at Kornmarkttheater for Bregenz Festival and in Schwechat for Nestroy-Festival plays, for Bregenz Festival, Biennale Munich, and on numerous venues and at festivals in Italy, Louxemburg, Hungary, Germany and Switzerland.

Since 1985 2nd artistic director of netzzeit

Some productions of the last years

“ein tag und eine stunde in urbo kune”, ACHTbrücken köln, 2015 out of control wien, holland festival, 2014/15

“JOIN!” (Franz Koglmann), Wiener Festwochen, UA 2013

“Camilo Chamäleon” (Kinderoper von Max Nagl), Out of Control,  UA 2011

“Amazonas” , (Klaus Schedl u. Tato Taborda), Multi Media Oper Uraufführung 1. und 2.Teil, Münchener Biennale, Sesc Sao Paulo/Brasilien, Out of Control, 2010/11

“Die grosse Bäckereiattacke” (Misato Mochizuki/Yohanan Kaldi/Reinhard Palm), Luzerner Theater, 2009

“Die grosse Bäckereiattacke” (Misato Mochizuki/Yohanan Kaldi/Reinhard Palm), Luzerner Theater

“Kehraus um St. Stephan” (Ernst Krenek), Kornmarkttheater, Bregenzer Festspiele, Luzerner Theater und Volksoper Wien

“La philosophie dans le labyrinth” (Aureliano Cattaneo/Edoardo Sanguineti), Carl Orff Saal, Gasteig, Münchener Biennale

“Der tollste Tag” (Peter Turrini), Martinsplatz/Bregenzer Festival

„Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften“ (Robert Musil), Theater in der Josefstadt

„Der Sturm“ (Shakespeare), Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern

„Fink und Fliederbusch“ (Schnitzler), Theater in der Josefstadt

„Das Mädl aus der Vorstadt“, (Nestroy), Nestroyspiele Schwechat

„Höllenangst“, (Nestroy), Nestroyspiele Schwechat

„Weder Lorbeerbaum noch Bettelstab“, (Nestroy), Nestroyspiele Schwechat.

„Dionysos Rising“, Halle E im Museumsquartier, 2019.

latest production: 
„701 Britische Teelöffel - Viva la muerte“, Das OFF Theater Wien, 2019.


Förderungspreis des Bundesministeriums für Wissenschaft und Forschung for „Die Nacht aus Blei“ by Hans Henny Jahnn.


Michael Scheidl

I listen
deep into myself
I know
that everything deals
with love and
finding ones life.
Everybody his own.
Music Theatre.
Enjoying light,
curious for darkness

Michael Scheidl


Vienna for me that means, my language, music, intermediate tones; poetry and perfidy, seduction and lulling, ravishing enthusiasm and tearing down depression.

To have to meet within others still time, space, money, interest, attention, enthusiasm for the useless – still an island, surrounded by the sea of efficiency, feasibility, and of exploitation down to the last drop of everyone and everything.

The subtle way, to say the truth through a lie, enables the language and people round here to be astonishingly ambivalent and diverse in their expressions, an ability which is abolished nearly everywhere else by these eager beavers of unambiguousness, simplification, efficiency and economisation in order to clear the way for the compliant and exclusive homo consumensis.

A city, which, despite of being a cultural metropolis, still has a reasonable size: There are only one and a half million of inhabitants, even if not just a few of them are hardly to bear.

Wie es anfing

Everything started with taking my life in my own hands and to take my desires seriously. Following them consequently – sometimes for years before a fulfilment emerged – I was ready for meeting my companion in life – and we were ready for children and many many stage-entities who made many invisible worlds within our world apparent.

Everything started with me stopping to fear fear.

Everything began with the beginning, of “Nora and Michael”. This is therefore, how netzzeit began.


Artistic director of netzzeit, director, enabler and actor


1954 born in Vienna
1979 he was awarded with the diploma as an actor of Max-Reinhardt-Seminar/Vienna after having graduated a humanistic High-School

1979 – 1983 he is acting on stage of Landestheater Saarbrücken and Vereinigte Bühnen Krefeld Mönchengladbach as Mortimer in „Mary Stuart“, as Jimmy in „Look Back in Anger“, as Treplew in „The Seagull“, as Malcolm in „Macbeth“ und as a lot of other characters.

He also directs during these years for the first time „Ice“, drama by Michael Christofer.

1983 he moves back to Vienna, and from than on he works also as a producer in Austria Germany,and Switzerland at theater, film and tv. w

1984 he founded „netzzeit“, a tool to realise theater – ideas. Since

1990 he draws his attention more and more to New Musical Theater. Since 

2000 he more and more directs New Musical Theater.