Vocal Meta­morphosis

netzzeit in co-production with the construction choir collective

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Rosas Pandan –
arr. George G. Hernandez; comp. Minggoy Lopez

Fair Phyllis I saw – John Farmer, 1565 – 1605

Weep, o mine eyes – John Bennet, 1599

Bre Petrunko –
arr. Plamen Arabov

Lux Aurumque – Eric Whitacre, 2000

Etudi iii – Nava Hemyari, 2020

September and October at Pernerstorfergasse!

The Construction Choir Collective is an open and accessible collective of artistic work and the members state themselves as professional amateurs. Anyone can sing, even if the person has never sung before, as long as they bring courage. The collective creates all contributions under its own direction, inspired and supported by the people who take part. Performances take place in unusual contexts and places, examples are underground stations, staircases, next to a river or in a living street. The choir wants to irritate and consciously sets itself apart from the usual everyday images.

"Maybe it's fun to look at us, maybe we're annoying, but that's exactly how we challenge people to rethink familiar spaces, to create relationships outside, inside and with each other. Our goal is to make the strange familiar through the pleasure of singing."

Through the series of events - Vokale Verwandlungen - the collective confronts fundamental questions of urban community, opens up urban visions and encounters utopias of social togetherness. This is also going to happen in the course of the project "Vokale Verwandlungen in der Pernerstorfergasse", which takes place in September and October 2021. The main focus lies on the topic “Wohnstraße”, which has turned out to be a largely unused resource of the city. In a collaborative process, the aim is to pick up residents, shop keepers and business owners of the alley in their spaces, in order to provoke unexpected encounters between people, art and everyday life and to connect the known with the unknown.

Mon., 13th of September 21
Sat., 18th of September 21
Mon., 20th of September 21
Mon., 27th of September 21
Sat., 9th of October 21
Mon., 4th of October 21
Sat., 16th of October 21


September | Oktober 2021 in der Pernerstorfergasse


members of the choir, residents of the Pernerstorferstraße and passengers


free entrance!


Florian Helperstorfer

choir conductor

Pavel Naydenov

Concept / Direction

Julika Clausen, Tara Mücke, Pavel Naydenov, Simon Platzgummer, Gabriela Urrutia Reyes, Max Scheidl, Karoline Suntinger, Liam Zimmermann


(c) Max Scheidl

(c) netzzeit

(c) netzzeit