The Visit from Little Death

a production of netzzeit at Dschungel Wien

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Kitty Crowther: „La visite de Petite Mort “ 2005,
German translation by Maja von Vogel.
Carlsen Verlag, Hamburg 2011


"The visit from little Death"...

...Little Death is desperate: The people he brings to the realm of the dead are sad. They sigh. They freeze. They are scared. No one ever speaks to him ...Until the evening when Little Death visits Elisewin. "You are finally here!" she says with a smile ... Elisewin is happy: Little Death takes away all her pain.

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This picture book, written and illustrated by Kitty Crowther, is probably one of the most helpful stories to understand and deal with death as part of life. Kitty Crowther was honored with the “Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award” in 2010 for the picture book.

Klaus Lang, one of the most important Austrian composers of the present, is going to compose the story “The Visit from Little Death” to a musical fairytale to create a wonderful theater for young and old.



premiere: november 2021

Dschungel Wien Theaterhaus für junges Publikum


Rino Indiono, Eva-Maria Schaller, Florian Haslinger, Michael Welz and Ensemble PHACE: Sylvie Lacroix, Eric Lamb, Stefan Obmann, Thomas Märzendorfer, Georgios Lolas, Berndt Thurner, Ivana Pristasova, Thomas Wally, Petra Ackermann, Roland Schueler, Maximilian Ölz



Flöte, Sylvie Lacroix
Flöte, Eric Lamb
Posaune, Stefan Obmann
Posaune, Thomas Märzendorfer
Akkordeon, Georgios Lolas
Schlagwerk, Berndt Thurner
Violine, Ivana Pristasova
Violine, Thomas Wally
Viola, Petra Ackermann
Cello, Roland Schueler
Kontrabass, Maximilian Ölz


Klaus Lang


Michael Scheidl


Michael Scheidl

Stage design

Nora Scheidl


Nora Scheidl


Kinder, Jungendliche, Erwachsene:
€ 10,00 VVK / € 11,00*

Gruppen ab 6 Personen: Kinder, Jungendliche, Erwachsene:
€ 8,50 VVK / € 9,00*


Kindergruppen, Schulklassen:
€ 6,00


November 2021: The updated dates will be announced soon!

composition publisher

Verlag Zeitvertrieb Wien Berlin

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workshops before/after the show

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workshop with theatre pedagogical focus point

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workshop with theatre psychotherapeutic focus point

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(c) Kitty Crowther