Debut performance in Austria

Opera buffa composed by G.B. Pergolesi u. P. Chiarini


The jealous Masacco pretends to go on a trip – disguised as a cavalier – in order to test the faithfulness of his wife Dorina with flattery and gifts. Dorina sees through him, however, and turns the tables on him. She first pretends to be a wife who is sick through longing. Then, when he reveals to her that “her husband” has met his death, she reacts with relief and responds to his advances. Finally, when Masacco returns home as a husband, Dorina appears in the disguise of her own suitor. The alleged rivals start a fight until ultimately Masacco, begging for his life, promises his wife Dorina to his “rival.” Now Dorina reveals who she really is. She has taught her husband a lasting lesson and thus freed herself from his jealous insinuations once and for all.

In the smallest subsidized housing of the world (3 meters x 2 meters), develops the ordinary drama of jealousy of a husband, as we transferred the story from Baroque into the fifties, with “Maggi” and meander-wallpaper, “Fix-Folie” in wood – design and “Leukoplast”. The Light – Designer is so enthralled by the result, that he buys a guest – performance for his own wedding.



Hotel Altstadt Vienna, and other Venues in Austria


Giovanni Battista Pergolesi


Michael Scheidl

Musical Direction

Georg Wagner


Nora Scheidl


Norbert Chmel