Wiener Lieder

World Premiere

A musical narration, performed by five Viennese people


I do what I have always forbade myself to do: I am acting and directing at the same time, and I sing out my relationship to Vienna loudly, and – together with four others – I sing myself into music theatre. To look at the swallows in the court, we were to perform and sing Viennese songs - just for this it was worth to become an actor.

Das Grfror´ne Mäderl:
Aber schöner als alles
und mehr noch dazu,
Apollonerl, Apollonerl,
Apollonerl bist du,
Apollonerl, Apollonerl,
Apollonerl bist du,



Palais Strozzi, Vienna, open air


July 1988


Michael Scheidl

Musical Direction

Adi Hirschal/Otmar Binder


Nora Scheidl