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Over the years we experienced a lot of wonderful and some failed partnerships. Some of them were difficult, in some cases we have been warned to cooperate. Many of them, where the warnings were very loud, turned out to be the most efficient, reliable and sustainable, and – not rarely – the most successful ones. They were always an enriching, promotional, stimulating and important experience that helped us to intensify and realise our visions.
Many productions wouldn´t have been possible without the total assignment (not rarely an assignement near to the border to altruism) of friends, trainees, stage workers, stage managers, extras, singers, actors, stage – painters, – sculpturers, – carpenters, -cobblers, -hatmakers, light – designers, assistants, expeditors, dramaturgists, conductors, authors, dancers, choreographers, sound designers, dressers, executives, video – artists and all the others, who we haev maybe amitted right now..

And the experience of the miracle of a newly developing social organism, each time, with each production, that is able to release most effectively and intuitively enormorous energies, (these energies which are causing performances´ life and their ability to fly), the experience within this specific miracle goes on.


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