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Naturally, this turkish-austrian love story is taking place at the Brunnenmarkt, in Ottakring.
Lyrics were written by the legendary musician of “Austropop”, Wilfried, story and dialogues were penned by shooting star Ibrahim Amir, and the rap lyrics were contributed by Esra Özmen. Music was composed by the “sound magigian” Clemens Wenger, member of the band 5/8erl in Ehr’n”.
And another member of “5/8erl in Ehr’n”, Robert Slivovsky, is playing the part of the Inspector Pospischil on stage. He is making sure that the turkish-austrian liaison, which takes place in the middle of constant hostile rivalries between two family butchers, won’t end in a shakespearean way, but with a happy ending.

With Esra Özmen and a very authentic and diverse line-up, the play wants to encourage a very particular mixture and combination of spectators: young and old fans of “Austropop”, of the “Viennese Blues”, the turkish rap scene, of operettas, musicals, or turkish folk music will all come together in public open space on a viennese square to see their heroes on stage. In short: We expect to see each and everyone of you in the audience; with or without migration – or any other – background!

A production of netzzeit 2017 out of control – Vienna’s festival for new musictheatre

sponsored by Basis.Kultur.Wien in the course of the festival WIR SIND WIEN.FESTIVAL 2017



Dates summer 2017:

Fri, June 02, 2017, VOLKERTMARKT Preview

Wed, June 07, 2017, MUSEUMSQUARTIER / HOF Premiere

Sa, June 10, 2017, COLUMBUSPLATZ

Fri, June 16, 2017, YPPENPLATZ

Tue, June 20, 2017, WALLENSTEINPLATZ


Start time: 07:30pm ( 1 intermission, end time 10:00pm) ADMISSION FREE!

© Nurith Wagner-Strauss


Composition: Clemens Wenger (5/8erl in Ehr’n)
Libretto: Ibrahim Amir / Michael Scheidl
Lyrics: Wilfried Scheutz
Rap Poetry: Esra Özmen
Direction: Michael Scheidl
Choreography:  Alexander Riff
Nora Scheidl
Production: netzzeit 2017 out of control
Esra Özmen
: Esra
Regina Schörg: Margarethe, butcher at the Brunnenmarkt
Michael Scheidl
: Manfred, her husband
Julia Wartinger: Lena, their daughter
Stefan Bleiberschnig: Alex, their son
Johannes Glück: Jürgen, a friend of Alex
Aret Aleksanyan: Süleyman, butcher at the Brunnenmarkt
Secil Ilker: Fadila, his wife
Sevilay Bayöz: Nurten, their daughter
Okan Cömert/Enes Özmen:  Barisch, their son / Kara Mustafa / Imam
Peter Gordon Armstrong: Alper, a successful young businessman
Johannes Seilern: Prof. Lehrmeister, a retired forensic doctor
Robert Slivovsky: Hannes Pospischil, inspector
Kristina Bangert: Josepha Holaubek, Chief inspector
Stefanie Rieger: Lona, a member of Lena’s “L-Girls Gang”
Nele Neugebauer: Luna, a member of Lena’s “L-Girls Gang”
Sarah Kumhofer:  a member of Lena’s “L-Girls Gang”
Çiğdem Solmaz: Görkem, a member of  the “Power Gang”
Cem Akgün:  a member of the  “Power Gang”

© Nurith Wagner-Strauss


More information: www.netzzeit.at, www.wirsindwien.com

Press: Barbara Vanura, 0676/341 75 48, vanura@aon.at

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